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Taisei Jutaku Co., Ltd.Taisei Jutaku Co., Ltd.

Let us handle construction of a custom-built house and renovation in Shizuoka, as we build housing to accommodate customers’ requirements.

Building the house
To make your dreams come true with housing, not just by construction of a house

Housing that protects and nurtures lives, supports health and pursues comfort. Housing customized to adopt every lifestyle and ahead of the times. We wish to realize the dream of our customers with advanced homes that we are going to build.

Taisei Jutaku Co., Ltd. believes that the quality of living is according to housing. Therefore, with our philosophy of people-oriented housing, we strive to provide housing for people living there to their satisfaction.

To make your dreams come true with housing, not just by construction of a house


Corporate culture of Taisei Jutaku Co., Ltd. is to work hard, play hard.

Each member of the organization makes the distinction between work and private life and is passionate about both.

To support the morale and health of our employees as a company, we promote the creation of a comfortable work environment for them, constantly making a generous investment for fulfillment of benefits and welfare.

To make your dreams come true with housing, not just by construction of a house

Company Name

Taisei Jutaku Co., Ltd.


President and Representative Director: Takeshi Matsushita


Director : Takayuki Ishigami
Director : Satoshi Tsumura
Auditor : Hiroshi Fukuhara

Head Office

Taisei Jutaku Building 5F, 1-3-10 Minami-abe, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka
420-0054 Japan


September 1, 1973


97.2 million yen

Description of Business

Building, contracting, designing and construction of housing, and its management and transaction
Housing by two-by-four method
Wooden house with J-wood system using a new construction method
Real estate brokerage
Designing and supervising of landscaping such as gate, wall, soil retaining and backfilling
Non-life insurance handling
Sales, management and maintenance checkup of environmental recycling equipment
Designing and construction of remodel
Land use in construction of facility for the elderly and the disabled


■ Shizuoka Office
・Shizuoka Showroom / Shizuoka
■ Fuji Office
・Fuji Showroom / Fuji
■ Hamamatsu Office
・Hamamatsu Showroom / Hamamatsu
■ Remodel Department
・SBS Reform Plaza Shizuoka
■ Tokyo Branch Office
c/o Uniho Co., Ltd.
Gobancho KU Building 1F, 10 Gobancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0076 Japan


Framing factory (Shimizu)


Construction license authorized by the Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, (TOKU-27) No. 2793
First-class registered architect office registered with Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, (8) No. 2586
Building lots and buildings transaction business licensed by Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture, (12) No. 3534

Main Banks

The Shizuoka Bank
Shizuoka Shinkin Bank
The Shimizu Bank
Shizuoka Labour Bank

Non-life Insurance Agency

Non-life insurance agency on behalf of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co., Ltd.
Registration No.: 0912 Shizuoka 61490